Finance: We have a range of finance options to help buy your sports car – just ask us for details.

Warranty: Every car we sell comes with a no-quibble warranty for complete peace of mind. We hope you won’t ever need it, but if you do, we work with national warranty providers so you can take the car to your local dealer rather than it having to come back to us.

We only work with warranty companies that are trustworthy and come through personal recommendation. We arrange the warranty for you, so it is in their interests to ensure our customers get excellent service. And we take great care to avoid slippery warranty companies who try to wriggle out of paying up!

Caterhams are more specialist cars and need expert attention in case of problems. Because they don’t have a national dealer network, our Caterhams are warrantied directly, and we personally commit to resolving any issues with our cars through our network of Caterham experts throughout the UK.

Insurance: Sports car insurance can be a minefield, and the mainstream insurers tend to be very expensive. We have heard of major national companies quoting £4000 for a low-mileage Caterham policy!

We are able to recommend specialist sports insurers, who understand sports cars and their owners, and price their products accordingly. It is rare that we see policies over £500, and often considerably less (depending on car, mileage, driver history etc).